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About us

Why TrueWish?

The world is growing in the lap of technology, the technology which is meant to bring people from all over the world closer than ever but is also keeping us busy. So busy that at times, we fail to utilize its true potential, the ability to connect with our friends, our loved ones. Like every other action, there exists an equal and opposite reaction, this technological development does come with consequences. Consequences which you can’t afford to admit such as not wishing your loved ones on their birthdays or your partner/ girlfriend/ boyfriend on that very important occasion due to a busy schedule.

Well, missing one-time meal can be adjusted or accepted but when it comes to wishing your loved ones, you are not allowed to enjoy the benefit of giving excuses of any sort and escape the situation without. To make sure that your heartfelt wishes get delivered on the personal devices of your loved ones, Ramanujan Info Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd. came up with a technological advancement or in the form of an application. Yes, world! We embrace the feeling of proud to present you TrueWish. An application which will become your personal assistant and a one-stop solution for making your closed ones feel how extraordinarily special they are. Honestly, this is an upgrade in the world of applications where the users of TrueWish will get to know the name of other application users along with their birth dates.

About App

About the app – TrueWish is an android as well as an IOS-based application which can be downloaded easily from the Google play store or apple app store. Built to ensure the delivery of your special wishes to your loved ones, this application will prove to be an upgraded step in your relationship with anyone close to you. Now, there won’t be any arguments happening among the lovebirds of this generation on any issues such as forgetting the anniversary date or birthday date of your love partner. Moreover, the potential this application has, you will be more confident in building that love relation stronger. With multiple features of TrueWish, you will be able to pass on your heartily wishes to your loved ones in the way you imagine or desire. Hop on to the joy ride of this wonderful app now and let the technology help you build the strong walls of your relationship.


With the motto of delivering your heartiest wishes packed in the bouquet of love to him/ her, TrueWish comes with multiple features with which you can do wonders in your relationship. How? Let’s learn its specification below here

  1. The app allows you to send your wishes in any of the following forms – Text, audio, frame, GIFs, video and gift format.
  2. Each of the above-said formats comes with exclusive ability to share your expressions with your partner. For example, with audio from one can send the wishes to their favorite actor in the form of voice clip.
  3. The app is quite small in size, so even the devices with low RAM can run it with great ease.
  4. Further, the formats come packed with exclusive creativity which means that the creation of a creative message or surprise can be arranged within moments of time.
  5. Also, comes is the ability to share those wishes on any available social media platform such as the Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

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The benefits of TrueWish are really true to its name. Just like any other application, this also comes with multiple benefits. The only difference here is that those benefits could only be enjoyed by this application only. The true benefits of TrueWish are enlisted below and can be enjoyed just after you have installed the app on your device.

  1. The frames provided in this app have some breath-taking collection of frames which can be customized too.
  2. Further, the GIFs could also be promoted to the net level of creativity with its customization feature.
  3. The video documentaries can be made in accordance with the special occasion.
  4. With Surprise texts, you can now finally the one to wish him or her first.
  5. The app has the ability to fetch the details of your crush’s birthday (if in case you aren’t aware) and also provide you with a chance to surprise him or her with your exotic feelings.
  6. With surprise gifts, flower bouquets and documentary representation from this application, you can certainly make your partner feel out of the world.
  7. Further, the app can add the birthday dates of all your near and dear ones to the calendar along with a special message of your thought.